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Dog Training Toys Tennis Automatic Throw | Dog Training Catapult Toy Tennis Ball Launcher Jumping Netball Walker Pitbull

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Dog Training Catapult Ball Launcher Dogs Toy Tennis Ball Launcher Jumping Ball Pitbull Toys Tennis Ball Machine Automatic Throw

Plastic material: ABS
Product size: 259*271*214mm
Reference weight: 1.3kg
USB-tpc charging 5V 2A/H
Voltage: Maximum working voltage: 12.6V
Current: Maximum operating current: 2800mA
Working time: 4-5H
Charging time: 5H
Working temperature: -10°C~45°C
Storage temperature: -10 °C ~ 45 °C
Electrical protection: battery overcharge protection >12.6V cut-off charging
Battery over-discharge protection <9V cut-off discharge, short circuit protection
>5A current cut-off output

How to use
(1) Turn on the button switch, 3M indicator light (green light) on;
(2) Put the tennis ball into the entrance (5CM tennis ball);
(3) After the machine senses the goal, the front status indicator will flash red, and the status indicator will light up green after the ball is fired;

(4) "MODE" function description: The default of the machine is 3M service distance, tap the MODE button, the machine has 3M, 6M, 9M gear selection. The error is +/-0.5m.

(5) Tennis ball damage, the ball surface is too dirty, and the ball is wet will affect the launch distance.

Four. Battery LED description

(1) The green light is turned on when the power is above 90%.

(2) The power is below 90% and more than 25% of the yellow light

(3) The power is below 25% and then the red light is red

(4) When charging, the power is below 25%, and the red light flashes

(5) When charging, the yellow light flashes below 90% and above 25%.

(6) When charging, the power is above 90%, and the green light flashes and the green light is bright

Five. Notes

(1) The tennis ball shot out is relatively strong, and it is recommended to use the product in an open place.

(2) The use of ball throwers must be supervised.

(3) Before using the ball thrower, please check the cleanliness and smoothness of the launch pipeline.

(4) The machine is only suitable for tennis balls with a size of 48mm-50mm.

(5) When the power is below 25%, please charge it in time when the red light flashes, when the voltage is lower than the lithium battery protection voltage, the machine will automatically shut down, and it can only be used after charging and turning the machine back on.

(6) The machine cannot be used when charging.

Packing list: ball thrower, ball *3, instruction manual, usb

Inner box size: 29.5*27.5*23.5cm 
Four packing box size: 61*56.5*25cm
Eight packing carton size: 60.5*56.5*49CM

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