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Mewoofun Cat Window Perch Versatile Furniture Detachable & Washable Hammock Bed

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Color: QS11K

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1.Comfortable & Flexible Resting: This unique cat hammock offers a comfortable and flexible resting experience for your furry friend, with the option to lie down or sit up as they please.

2.Stable & Space-Saving Design: Its sturdy and stable four-point support allows it to hold up to 15kg, while its space-saving design makes it perfect for small apartments or rooms.

3.Hassle-Free Installation: With its easy-to-use and damage-free adhesive strips, this hammock can be installed and removed in minutes without leaving any marks on your walls or furniture.

4.Safe & Durable Construction: Made from high-quality, durable materials, this hammock features a seamless construction that eliminates any potential entanglement risks for your cat, ensuring their safety.

5. Versatile & Convenient: Whether your cat needs a cozy spot to nap or a fun vantage point to watch the world go by, this hammock offers a versatile and convenient solution for all their resting needs.

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